Avoiding Malicious Sites

The easiest way to keep your computer safe from malicious files is to stay away from bad sites such as porn and websites that contain misleading content. These site will promise to giveaway free items and such but in reality they will capture your email address and send you a ton of spam email content. It should be a practice to have multiple email addresses whenever you sign up for free services of free items advertised on the internet. Never ever click on an email from someone that you don’t know or a deal that sounds too good to be true. If it sounds too good then in fact it is. You can look at the sender of the email and tell if they are an actor or if the sender is authentic. There are phishing sites out there that trick you into clicking a link and they usually say that something is wrong with your password or account. So as a rule of thumb, check the sender’s address and that should tell you everything that you need to know. For example, you receive an email from Chase Bank saying that you need to change your password because it was compromised. The sender will usually look something like this: support@chasebank3.com that link is by far fake and deceptive. and if you highlight over the link, it will look something like this: www.a5wah3.com/payment3gateway.com. You will have to become a detective and make sure whoever sent the email to you is from someone that is trying to steal your banking credentials. When in doubt, call your financial institution. Example is shown below.

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This is only one example of many internet phishing scams that attempt to steal your information. Email giveaways are also a way to either harvest your email address or steal your personal information. Below is an example that I received in my personal email:

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You should never click ANYTHING on this type of email especially “unsubscribe.” If you unsubscribe from this type of email that will allow them to capture your email address and you will receive many emails from many different advertisers, real and fake.

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