Common Programs to uninstall

Most common programs to uninstall

If any of these programs are installed on your computer, you’ll want to remove them immediately! Go to Programs and features and uninstall them.

Note: some programs can be hard to uninstall but you can use a 3rd party uninstaller such as Geek uninstaller to remove them along with any trail that they may leave on your computer.

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You should remove the following programs from your computer because they will cause lots of issues on your computer.

22FindMyWebSearch Aartemis
AdlyricsNetwork System Driver
Awesomehp.comNew Player Bablyon
BubbleDockPC Powerspeed BuenoSearch
Cinema PlusPriceLEess
CloudScout Parental ControlQvo6
ConduitResoft Ltd.
Coupon Printer for WinRocketfuel Installer CouponDropDown
DealioSave Daily Deals Defaulttab
Coupon PrinterDriver Updater
Dns UnlockerScorpinSaver Eazel
GolsearchSofttango Hao123
IAC Search & MediaSS8
IlividStrongvault Iminent
IsearchVgrabber JfileManager 7
Level Quality WatcherWajam MediaVideosPlayers
Moshe CaspiWord Proser MyBrowserbar
NationZoom Ad.yieldmanagerOminent Bandoo Media
PCSpeedUp BuzzSearchNattly Search
OpenCandy Bit89Sm23mS
SlowPCFighter GenieoSearchqu FindWideSearch
Tarma Installer InstallBrainSecure Trusted FreeSoftToday
Pic Enhance CheckMeUpSeverWeatherAlerts Funmoods
Translategenius InternetCorkBoardOutfox TV Browsers_Apps_Pro
OtShot BoxorePrice Minus FinallyFast
Savepath Deals Driver UpdateWeb Assistant Mindspark Interactive
Sweetpacks InfoSpaceWhitesmoke
Perion Network Ltd. CartwheelSearch.ueep Facemoods
SalesPlus DealcabbySpeedupmypc HostSecurePlugin
Savepass Desktop Temperature MonitorSafe Search Crossrider
SweetIM InfoadamsSavefier Delta_Homes
VPlaySearch.Certified En.V9
WebCake Deals & Ad’s Monterra Inc.Somoto Ltd. HD-V2.2
Zugo LtdSuperfish Incredibar
Visicom Media Inc. JollyWalletYontoo MyInfotopia
MyCleanPCPC Optimizer Pro