Hard Drive Maintenance

3 Steps to Successful Hard Drive Maintenance

regular hard drive maintenance is crucial for higher performance efficiency.

Does your computer ever stop working all of a sudden? If so, you might have a malfunctioning or broken hard drive on your hands. A hard drive failure can bring work to a halt, and you don’t want that to happen if you need to create a presentation or do something important urgently.

Here are some steps you can take for successful maintenance and upkeep of your hard drive.

Step 1: Install Software From Trusted Sources

Whenever you’re updating existing software or installing a new piece of software, make sure you’re using trusted sources for downloads.

Before downloading software and other applications from external sources, install anti-virus software to protect your hard drive against malware and viruses. Run the virus scan feature after each download and update your anti-virus regularly for maximum security.

Step 2: Update Computer Operating System

System update - A blue key on a black keyboard containing the text update.

If you want to keep your hard drive working smoothly, keep your operating system updated at all times. If you receive a notification for a system update, don’t put it off. It will take on a few minutes, and the benefits are worth it. Delaying system updates increases the risk of a hard drive failure due to security lapses.

Step 3: Delete Unwanted Programs

Every once in a week, check your hard drive for programs that you don’t remember installing, those that you don’t use anymore. While browsing the internet, we often install programs that we don’t want to use by clicking on unknown links. While most of these programs pose no harm to your hard drive, others may have viruses that impede hard drive performance and cause it to break down.

It’s a good idea to regularly inspect your computer for any unknown or unwanted programs installed on your hard drive and delete them. To check for and delete programs, go to the “Control Panel” and click on “Programs” to view the complete list. Right-click on the unwanted programs and choose “uninstall program” or “remove.”

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